Nasal polyps ?>

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps

What are nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are smooth-surfaced, fleshy masses extending into the nasal cavity. They may arise from the Maxillary sinuses, wherein they are termed as Antrochoanal polyps (ACP) or they may arise from the ethmoid sinuses, when they are termed as ethmoidal polyps. ACP’s are usually a single mass and unilateral whereas ethmoidal polyps are multiple and found in both the nasal cavities. Nasal polyps are easily diagnosed on general head light ENT examination. A CT scan confirms the diagnosis and provides more details of the affected sinuses. It helps in planning the treatment.

What is the treatment modality of Chronic sinusitis and Nasal polyps?

Management of either chronic sinusitis or nasal polyps follow similar principles. The first step is to identify any reversible process that may affect the mucosa of the nose or PNS. These are generally some allergens. Hence antiallergic and decongestant treatment is the first line of therapy.

Chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps have to be tackled surgically. Earlier, in chronic sinusits, the sinuses were tackled through an external route. This caused increased morbidity to the patient and the recurrence rate was higher. Also, in cases of nasal polyps intranasal polypectomy with the aid of a headlight was performed which was associated with a very high recurrence rate. Today, with the introduction of rigid endoscopes the entire modality of treatment for sinus diseases and nasal polyps has been revolutionized.

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