Woman requires plastic surgery after dog attack ?>

Woman requires plastic surgery after dog attack

Woman requires plastic surgery after dog attack

A young mum is facing plastic surgery after she was attacked by two alsations while walking her own puppy.
Maria Clarke (pictured) instinctively picked up her seven-month-old cocker spaniel, Reuben when she saw the two big dogs charging towards them on fields close to Howe Bridge sports centre in Atherton.
But in their bid to get to the puppy, the pair attacked 30-year-old Maria.

She said: ”The first took a chunk out of my forearm. If that had been the puppy he could have been killed.
”The two dogs, neither of which had a collar or lead on, were with a young man but when I went to borrow a pen from a woman who witnessed it, he ran away.
”This could have been so much worse. My eight-year-old son, Lewis, could have been with me, as he usually is, and he could have been hurt.”

Maria, a full time IT degree student, went to Leigh Infirmary after the attack at around 2.30pm on Monday but was told that neither they nor Wigan were the best to deal with the wound and she was sent to the plastic surgery unit at Whiston Hospital instead.

She added: “The doctor told me there would be a high risk of infection and I am going to need plastic surgery. I just want to warn people to be careful if they see these two alsations especially if they have their own dogs with them.”

Maria who lives with partner James Croft and Lewis in nearby Lilford Street, thanked the woman who was parked nearby who had seen the two dogs and was waiting for them to leave before she exercised her own dog.

Maria said: “This woman took me and Reuben, covered in mud, to the police station. I don’t know if anyone else saw what happened but I would be grateful if they contacted the police if they did.”

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